About the dialogue

Why are we using Dialogue?

Scottish Borders Council has chosen to run Dialogue over the next year to encourage members of the public to submit their ideas and views on a range of issues.

The Council is aware that many people have ideas but may not have the chance or time to let us know. This tool gives those people the chance to take part in a flexible way, and let their voice be heard.

What we hope you will get from it?

The Council regularly deals with a huge range of policy issues, service changes, new developments, and often quite difficult decisions that might not necessarily please everyone. So now it's time to give you the chance to have your say, let us know your ideas and everything will be passed on to the relevant teams to consider them. You never know - your idea might be realised.

Who is behind this?

The site is being monitored and moderated by SBC and all ideas will be passed on to the teams who are responsible for the various challenges set.

Important thing to remember - we can't do everything

When submitting your ideas, it is useful to remember that the Council simply cannot do everything, but we are committed to considering all ideas.

One of the key challenges the Council is faced with is the fact that we are living in a difficult economic climate and top of that more demands are being placed on Council services than ever before.

Reduced public funding combined with an ongoing Council Tax freeze means we are not receiving additional funding to cover inflation costs on areas such as pay, energy and contract increases. On top of this, there are many Statutory duties that we must meet.

To put this into perspective, if the Council were to continue delivering services in the same way as we do now - there will be a funding gap of approximately £27.8m. 

This means we need to consider carefully how we can do things differently to help us to be able to continue to deliver high quality services into the future. That’s where we need the help of the Borders public and which is why we have launched this tool.

How long will Dialogue run?

At the moment, we intend to run Dialogue for one year commencing 30 October 2015. If successful, we may choose to run it longer.