Improve Bordercare Alarm

The Bordercare system depends heavily on ‘named persons’, who may or may not have capacity or qualification, acting as first responders.
Bordercare should emplou fully trained persons, able to enter clients homes, to make an informed assessment of the situation in which they find the client and take action to call in emergency services as appropriate to meet their needs.
As exemplars of good practice, we would direct you to the Telecare (MECS) services provided by Falkirk Council and by Clackmannan Council.

Why the contribution is important

An efficient and effective first response system is surely the cornerstone of any Care in the Community policy.
In the current system of Bordercare the requirement to contact a ‘named person’ (relative, friend or neighbour) can introduce an unnecessary time delay which could, in the worst scenarios, prove to be fatal. Even if the ‘named person’ is available to get to the emergency location quickly, they are not necessarily going to have the capacity to assess and deal with the situation calling in the emergency services as appropriate to prevent further harm to  the patient.
Elderly people will be much more confident to continue living in their own homes knowing that they are supported by such a reliable professional service.
This proposed enhancement of the current Bordercare Service would be a most cost effective use of scarce resources.



by M_and_J_Collin on November 24, 2016 at 05:22PM

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