Fair Investment

Fair Investment

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There has been good levels of investment in the school estate, however this has not been fairly spread across the region.  There has been very little investment in new schools in Jedburgh, Sekirk & Hawick over the last 50 years in comparison to Peebles, Galashiels, Earlston and Kelso.  What money is available should be spent by condensing the six poor quality primary schools in Hawick - some parts 80 years old -  in to a fit for purpose 21st centry education facility.

by jeff on September 22, 2016 at 10:22AM

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  • Posted by Educationmatters October 31, 2016 at 23:04

    Investment needs to be equitable - all students should have fair access to resources. A plan looking at the cost/ benefit analysis by school will determine which schools come first or last With new buildings . But please understand one key issue - it is worth analysing what happens to attainment or positive designation in the years teachers especially HT are involved in design , planning and execution of the planning of a new school / it takes years and that teacher is not focussing on the performance of the school now. There is often stagnation during this time.This is what's called the opportunit cost of building versus living and repairing what you have -Furthermore there should be further analysis trading the money spent on buildings inevitably which will also will divert resources from; Books , computers , teacher numbers etc .Instead it. could allow small schools to stay open too which are the centre of communities if cost is the reason for closing them. Do a Boston grid and analyse these factors which will produce a scatter gram in order to advise which schools get the best investment first and last
  • Posted by TrishT November 23, 2016 at 12:02

    For fair investment you must keep Howdenburn House open for the children with severe learning disabilities, these children deserve the support they get from this wonderful place. This gives valuable life skills that they desperately need. You cannot keep cutting support for them while building new schools for everyone else.
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