Mainstreaming Equality in Scottish Borders Council and the Scottish Borders

  • Scottish Borders Council has an Equalities Mainstreaming Report (2013 -2017) which sets out its approach to Equalities. This includes a set of Equalities Outcomes (aims) we are aiming to achieve.
  • We produced a progress update on the Mainstreaming Report in 2015, this set out a series of improvement actions.
  • The Equalities Mainstreaming Report now needs to be replaced with a new one which covers the period 2017 – 2021.

We need your views

We’re seeking your views on how the Council is performing on equality and diversity matters and also want your comments on what improvements we can make over the next four years. This would include things that we are doing well, areas that need to be improved and your views on our Equality Outcomes.

The eight outcomes are as follows:

Outcome 1 - We are seen as an inclusive equal opportunities employer where all staff feel valued and respected and our workforce reflects our community.

Outcome 2

Our services meet the needs of, and are accessible to all members of our community and our staff treat all service users, clients and colleagues with dignity and respect.

Outcome 3

Everyone has the opportunity to participate in public life and the democratic process.

Outcome 4

We work in partnership with other agencies and stakeholders to ensure that our communities are cohesive and there are fewer people living in poverty.

Outcome 5

Our citizens have the freedom to make their own choices and are able to lead independent, healthy lives as responsible citizens.

Outcome 6

The difference in rates of employment between the general population and those from underrepresented groups is improved.

Outcome 7

The difference in educational attainment between those who are from an equality group and those who are not is improved.

Outcome 8

We have appropriate accommodation which meets the needs of our diverse community.

In addition to providing your general comments here, a full consultation survey is available on our website, along with a consultation document and our previous report.

Both consultation close on 27 February.

How to give us your ideas

  1. To submit your ideas, simply register (if you have not already done so), and add your ideas.
  2. Even if you don't want to add your own idea, you can still comment on and/or rate other ideas.

All of the feedback will be considered assisting us with the development of our Equalities Mainstreaming Report 2017 – 2021.

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