Introduce "TidyIt" initiative similar to WalkIt

I was recently involved in a community council litter pick up round Peebles. I was astounded by the huge volume of litter, in particular on roadside verges. Litter seemed to comprise in the main recyclable plastic bottles (circa 70%), cans (circa 10%), coffee cups (circa 10%).

We were issued with tabards, pick up arms and bags and were able to pickup a good amount of this lightweight litter in a short period of time. Unfortunately, however these litter pick ups only take place once pr twice a year so have little impact.

My suggestion is that the council considers setting up a "TidyIt" initiative run in a similar way to the existing "WalkIt" initiative to run on a weekly or fortnightly basis.



Why the contribution is important

Verges and other public areas look very bad currently and are getting worse, in particular because of plastic bottles which do not degrade. 

Tourists come to the Borders for its beautiful scenery, and are increasingly noticing the litter in and around towns.

Lifting lightweight recyclable litter would be a good initiative for health/exercise, and would make people prouder of their town. It could also increase overall amount of litter recycled.




by MoragD on April 09, 2016 at 05:18PM

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