We need you

We are now starting our budget-setting process for 2018/19 and want YOUR ideas on what our priorities should be for our budget.

Where should we prioritise funding, do things differently and improve services, whilst still addressing our priorities for the Borders, including economic growth, attainment and care?

Like household budgeting, there are limited funds available.  To put this into perspective, if the Council were to continue delivering services in the same way as we do now there will be a funding gap of approximately £26million over the next five years.


The requirement to ‘balance the books’ each year requires us to save money, generate additional income and prioritise spending. We need to make a number of difficult choices which may not be popular with all people. When submitting your ideas, you may want to consider the following themes:

  • Efficiencies – can we do things in a more streamlined way?
  • Removal or reduction of services – are there services, which in your view, could be removed, or reduced?
  • Different Models of delivering services – are there services which we could deliver differently?
  • Increased charges to service users – should we be charging more for some services?

Please give us your ideas on how the Council can save money through annual revenue savings over the next 5 years. Please also give us your ideas on how we can prioritise spending and/or generate additional income.

The consultation will remain open until end of January 2018 and all responses will be fed into the budget planning process before the final proposals go to the Council meeting on 8 February 2018.

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