Better approach to grass-cutting

1. In larger open areas:

- plant native trees/shrubs

- construct 'desire line' paths for walkers/cyclists

2. Anywhere possible:

- plant fruit trees, create orchards, create community allotments

- support/facilitate communities in their use/maintenance

3. Investigate robot grass-cutting machines (eg as in Edinburgh's Princes Street Gardens)

4. Always consider the positive and negative effects of ground cover on all animal life from insects to mammals.

Why the contribution is important

The ideas of budget reductions and cost cutting MUST take account of other factors than economic. Social end environemnetal aspects must also be considered and satisfied.

by SandyWatson on November 28, 2017 at 10:32AM

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  • Posted by CloudMan December 14, 2017 at 09:56

    Planting more trees, including fruit trees, to replace areas of mown grass is an excellent suggestion. This could be done by the council or via local communities / schools who would have access to grants from organisations such as the Woodland Trust.
    The benefits would be a log term reduction in grass cutting costs, an improved visual appreance to our towns and villages and community engagement with the creation of local orchards. It would also help mitigate climate change by locking up carbon in trees and reducing emmisions from grass cutting machines.
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