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Cannot agree to a new build for the tapestry off Scotland ,so be it if the money is lost to the borders better being saddled with a £300,000debt for the next 30years,cutting down 120 trees and replanting with shrubs was just blatantvwaste off money in a rash decision in haste to build .the new plans for a building in galashiels why is it costing £6.7million when it is only half a new building without a car park so seems a blatant waste off money ,why not use the job centre to house the tapestry without a cafe ,their is plenty cafes in the area with out a council cafe aswel 


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I believe the tapestry in the borders is a bad idea ,if the council are so convinced this would be good for the area then have a border wide vote using the voters role ,there is whole swathes of the borders against this ,care system schools roads would make far better use off £3000,000 a year 

by merdedez11 on January 01, 2018 at 04:42PM

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  • Posted by Jeff101 January 18, 2018 at 10:49

    The vast majority of Borderers do not support this project. It does not represent good value for money and in no way will achieve the level of tourists to make the project viable. This project will inevitably run over budget due to the ongoing delays. Servicing this debt for the next 30 years will cost c£10 million. For this money you can build a new primary school, there are plenty schools in desperate need of investment. It's not right for children and teachers to undertake their education in portacabins in 2018.
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