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I suggest you reduce your grass cutting regime across the region.

I'm a newcomer to the region, it was the area's scenic beauty that influenced me to move here and set up buisness in the Borders.


Why the contribution is important

I suggest you reduce your grass cuts to not only save cash, but to benefit wildlife from wild flowers to butterflies.  You might limit grass cuts to after summer to mimic traditional hay meadow management techniques.  You might wish to plant wildflowers, one species of value is Yellow Rattle, a plant that is partially parasitic on grasses and will reduce their vigour.

you can also save carbon and other emissions.  grass cutting machinery, especially 2 stroke powered tools, is tremendously polluting and inefficient and incurs a great many maintenance costs and staff health issues.

It might be possible to save money, reduce emissions and boost biodiversity.  Staff time saved might be chanelled into more targetted developments of public spaces/parks to please residents concerned about a reduction in grassland management.

You will though need to keep up with litter collection.

I should add I am a former Local Authority employee with 20 years experience in green space management.

by richardaspinall on November 22, 2017 at 04:03PM

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