Secondly, knowing from experience I think there needs to be some serious consideration for the exterior safety and aesthetics on the SBHA housing accessability and staircases accessing the higher levels 

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Another important but I've heard a large amount of bad news and experienced this myself, SBHA need to get their act together. They have an office at Church Square just from from Elm Row. This is never open yet the surrounding accomodation is predominantly under their supervision and care. What is the point in having an office their that can never be accessed. The exterior of the council housing at Elm Row and the surroundings, "cared" for by SBHA needs to be updated, painted, and more importantly fixed, there are wooden stair ways up to the second level and third level housing that needs to be secured and re structured. If there is elderly or young kids accesing these parts that may take a fall or trip up they could severely hurt themselves due to the lack of care taken on the accessiblility to flats etc. On top of that, because it all looks run down and can be easily veiwed as (council housing) it gives the area a bad reputation. This is not good when you have beautiful areas such as Craig Park Garden etc behind it, A highschool and Large Park on one side then a Primary School on the other side 2 minute walk away. Something needs to be done. 

by keeferreid1993 on December 31, 2017 at 03:32PM

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