More employment opportunities + Public transport costs and why it should be reduced.

I strongly believe that one of the biggest issues facing the generations of the scottish border and Galashiels in perticular (my home town) is lacking greatly in job opportunities. I understand that there are an abundance of office spaces and unused space for more high street fashion retailers and wider verieties of hardware stores and general attractions for future tourists and even the local towns potentially reaching from Midlothian right through to Carlisle. This is an important factor for all and the future popularity of our borders towns. 

Why the contribution is important

Funding and welcoming more high street fashion stores, local clothing brands and other retailers outwith the fashion sector is and should be a huge demand. This will increase popularity with the younger community to spend more time within the borders and investing their spendings within the local community. This will open up further employment opportunities for ages 16 - 65. I myself am a very hard worker and even though I'm in full time employment, I, like a lot of others cannot afford to live a comfortable lifestyle on the salary we're all on. The question you might ask is, why have you not looked for other employment offering a more suitable and stable income. Well the answer to that is, as much as we attempt to search for new employment there is nothing there for us to happily commit to. I'm 24 years old and I have had my mortgage now for 2 years. Yes for me the mortgage works out cheap than renting however its not a comfortable way of living. If SBC open up more opportunity for likes of myself and others, it wont only mean that we will be comfortable and employed, it will also make us all believe that we have faith that our council and I suppose the government too are looking after the town and the residents. 

by keeferreid1993 on December 31, 2017 at 03:24PM

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