Please limit roadside verge cutting.

I could not believe my eyes recently. A tractor, on a blind corner, with no advance warning, at the busiest time of day on a weekday in November, mowing the roadside verge on a busy 'A' class road.

Quite apart from the obvious danger to road users (and, incidentally, to the tractor driver) and the huge costs involved if a vehicle had been involved in an accident, there was absolutely no grass to cut!

Leave roadside verges to grow naturally. There are very few places where roadside growth causes a hazard....... the main hazard that I see while driving around the borders (and other areas of Britain) caused by roadside vegetation is that of branches and bushes obscuring roadsigns. Grass is very rarely a problem and those few areas that do present a risk could be listed and dealt with one, ot two times a summer. That is all that is needed.

Equally wasteful is the practice of cutting steep grass slopes in housing schemes. This wasteful task requires special equipment and is completely unnecessary. No-one walks on the sloping area and as long as surrounding areas are kept short, then it is wasteful of time and money.


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The first suggestion will save a lot of money, both directly and, possibly indirectly, by saving the risk of road traffic accidents. The second suggestion is just common sense!

by benaslak on November 30, 2017 at 09:43AM

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  • Posted by ChrisJ December 11, 2017 at 21:29

    I agree that verges should be left to grow naturally for conservation and biodiversity purposes. They are an important habitat for invertebrates; it is also important that wildflowers are left to flower and then seed in the autumn - one cut is all they need. The conservation charity Plantlife has produced an excellent guide called the 'Good Verge Guide: a different approach to managing our waysides and verges' and it can be downloaded from their website.
    In addition to verges there are many small areas of amenity grass that could be left to grow long - perhaps around the edges of playing fields or leaving other uncut areas in grassy areas not used for playing.
  • Posted by CloudMan December 14, 2017 at 09:24

    The majority of verges can be left uncut until the end of the summer. Only those that affect road signs and vehicle visibility need to be cut regularly. As pointed out above this will not only save money it will improve biodiversity, road safety and visual appearance.
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