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Many councils have turned off street lighting at certain times of the night and research has shown it doesn't lead to more collisions or crime.  Worth looking at.

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Unecessary street lighting wastes energy and money.

by Geejay on November 22, 2017 at 08:40PM

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  • Posted by Grandwazooo November 25, 2017 at 08:36

    STREET LIGHTING WAS FIRST introduced in the late 1800's, when most people travelled on foot or by horse. Then motor vehicles arrived but these had poor lighting. In cities, STREET LIGHTING remained essential due to the large numbers of people living in them. People needed to walk to work. Since those early days, industries, like mills and factories required less employees and therefore fewer and fewer people needed to use dark and poorly lit roads late at night and early in the morning. These days, our rural town's streets are pretty much deserted after midnight through till dawn. Almost all movement is by car. Cities are busy 24/7 and still require STREET illumination, however rural towns and roads are by and large empty of pedestrians through the night. The need for STREET and road illumination has gone. Makes little sense to waste resourses lighting the way for foxes and other wildlife, who are the main users after midnight. Our major towns are also very quiet after midnight and perhaps selected roads could do without lighting and others more sparsly lit outwith the weekends. As far as crime is concerned, most rural areas have always been without night lighting but this has never resulted in huge crime figures. Criminals need light to in order to operate;)
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