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At present most council's akin to other large companies employ numerous staff. Instead of having managers for this department or in charge of 6 different managers. Amalginat departments were possible cutting down on at times unnecessary positions created. Stop cost cutting with repairs. One by ensuring the job is done properly in the first place thus eliminating extra call outs and more man/material costs. Staff liaise with each other to minimise tine/money wasted.

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if each council office had one main manager who over sees every department this in theory would keep communication amongst workers. Within each speciality department a keyworker woud be point of contact for workers. Have a pool of administration staff covering everything. Thus communication issues are solved and due to less staff needed money saved. Workers having correct information/materials for job entailed saves money on amount of travel etc. Yes some people would become surplus to requirements but savings would be made.

by Alfienanny on December 12, 2015 at 04:30PM

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