Repair potholes better

I watched pothole repaire in Gala today.  This involved many vehicles and people to fill in small holes with patches that will probably not last very long. 

I am no expert, but this looked slow and expensive.

I have read about purpose-build machines/ vehicles which can do this job better and more productively.  

Sureley it's worth looking into?

Why the contribution is important

Our roads are poor compared with other parts of Scotland, and much worse than other EU countries I have experienced.

With the right equipment it should be possible to do a better job cheaper.

by mep123 on February 04, 2016 at 11:17PM

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  • Posted by jedburger April 26, 2016 at 09:10

    A lot of potholes are caused by other services being installed and the road poorly reinstated. This was the major cause of the poor previous state of Oxnam road in jedburgh. Even now the section that was resurfaced last year has had a trench dug across it which I can guarantee will be the first part of the road to fail. The council must ensure better inspections of these works, the utility companies should be held responsible for any subsequent issues regarding the work they have done. I would suggest that any holes dug in the carriageway no matter how small, should incur the works for a proper resurfacing across both carriageways of at least a 10m long section. This works should be carried out by roads professionals with the correct bottoming procedures and regulated depth of Tarmac. This way at least the roads are properly secured and should not sink and hold water (main cause of potholes) but good sections of the road are properly repaired at the utility companies expense.
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