Rubbish/Recycling/Eshiels Tip

My ideas involve making recycling easier and more convenient and to improve the functioning of the tip at Eshiels.  For example--I was shocked at the very high charge for collecting a mattress from my home.  I believe it was well over £20 for a special uplift.  True, you could have five items uplifted for one charge, but what about a single item?  Having an outrageously high charge for a single item encourages people to fly tip. Please make it easier and less expensive for people to ethically dispose of single items that they cannot take to a recycling centre.

  I use the recycling centre/tip at Eshiels on a weekly basis.  I would like a sign at the road which will tell me whether or not the tip is open, or temporarily closed due to the servicing of a container. I would also like an increase in the number of friendly and helpful staff, who I do not have to search for to provide assistance.

I'd like a strong programme introduced into local nursery/primary schools encouraging young children to recycle, and to pass the message on to their perhaps reluctant parents!.  Perhaps organized trips to our local recycling centre could be arranged, so that children can learn that their litter does not just magically disasppear!

 Finally--I have a cold feeling of dread that the council will introduce monthly collection of household rubbish and recycling.  I believe that this must be avoided at all costs, for fear, particularly in isolated rural areas, of mass fly tipping.

Why the contribution is important

I believe that everyone should recycle.  Surely, this must become a lifetime habit, established as "the done thing" from nursery level right up to senior citizens.  I constantly see people chucking stuff out of their car windows, and people dropping and throwing litter all over.  I think recycling has to become seen as the norm, and not doing so as wrong.  I guess it all comes down to education, and getting the message driven home at the earliest age possible.

  By making recycling easier, I think more people will do it.  Some people, unfortunately, are a bit lazy, and are going to need all the help they can get to make them toe the recycling line!


by Borderslass on March 30, 2016 at 11:01AM

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