Sponsored Litter & Environmental Clean-up

Litter is a widespread problem in the Borders which can have an adverse impact on our businesses and tourism. With one of the most attractive landscapes in the country it would be nice if we could be seen as both green AND clean. 


So, why not encourage businesses, landowners (and possibly communities) to sponsor litter collection and other low cost environmental improvements, which will enhance the appearance of the region. Contributors should be allowed to advertise their sponsorship through discreet signage and also via their business stationery and websites. 


This would be a low cost option for companies and small businesses to promote their environmental credentials. A simple logo could be created which would symbolise participation in the scheme. For want of a more creative title, the logo would signify that  ’We support ‘Green Borders’.


The concept of sponsorship as a promotional tool can be extended to other services where considered appropriate.

Why the contribution is important

I would like to see a gradual and permanent transfer of selective responsibilities from local authorities back to the community. I think that self-help in areas where there is no particular expertise required will reduce costs, encourage collective and individual responsibility and help to enhance feelings of civic pride.

by Huw on January 23, 2016 at 05:53PM

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