Stop salting the roads

Stop spreading salt on the roads, in huge quantities, which causes people's cars to rust and makes the roads unusable by people with cars they care about. Salt seems to be spread even when weather conditions are far from extreme. There is certainly a case for clearing snow but on dry, clear nights when the worst that is likely is a mild frost it looks like overkill to send the salting teams out. 

 In New Zealand, the authorities spread sand, never salt, on the roads in very icy conditions.This is cheaper AND less damaging. There are FAR more older cars still on the roads in NZ. 

In bad weather, people should be warned to drive according to road conditions, or use public transport, or work from home.

Why the contribution is important

Save the tax payer money, reduce pollution and have sustainability benefits because there would be a reduced need to replace cars as they rust and wear out.

by Taxpayer on November 09, 2015 at 02:52PM

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  • Posted by pratt November 11, 2015 at 08:50

    Good idea. People should learn to adapt their driving to the conditions ........ I was taught that in the 1960s but people seem to be scared to turn a wheel now unless the roads are salted. Road salt is costly and damaging.
  • Posted by ancrumcraig November 27, 2015 at 16:22

    I am not against salting altogether, but the lorries are out already, before we have had any severe frost. Salt should only be spread when conditions demand it: save diesel, wages as well as salt.
  • Posted by Alisontaylor November 29, 2015 at 09:01

    If sand is cheaper than salt it sounds a good idea.
  • Posted by rhiannagraham December 23, 2015 at 15:37

    They don't just spread salt for the fun of it. Presalt is the term used when SBC go out and pre treat the primary routes with salt prior to the temperatures falling close to or below zero. This is to stop ice from forming.

    I would rather salt on the road and a little rust on my car than me crashing and writing my car off or putting my life at risk due to ice?? I am sure you would have something to say if the roads were not gritted, ice formed an you ended up damaging your car?
  • Posted by mep123 February 01, 2016 at 17:39

    Driving a school bus on ice-covered untreated roads is a horrifying prospect, and I suspect bus drivers would refuse to do it.

    Enormous potential legal liabilities for driver and SBC.

    And that's before you think about the human cost of the inevitable accidents.

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