Upcycling Shed at Eshiels Tip

I would love to see an "Upcycling" shed/area at the Eshiels tip.  I've been to the tip many, many times, and could cry when I see some of the beautiful and useful items being thrown away.

 Would it be possible to have a shed or a designated area where these items could be offered for sale to the public at a reasonable cost?  It would be wonderful if these funds could be used to help local charities.

Why the contribution is important

When an item that someone no longer wants can be reused, that is the ultimate in recycling.  It prevents more landfill from being created. These often excellent  and useful items can help furnish or improve homes where budgets might be tight.  Funds created from this project could help local charities.

by Borderslass on March 30, 2016 at 06:49PM

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