We are committed to ensuring investment is made appropriately through our capital programme. As well as investment in schools, roads, flood protection works etc., we also look at potential spend-to- save initiatives, energy efficiency projects, and review our buildings. 

Our plans include:

  • Continue with the roll-out of the successful LED lighting programme to replace 13,500 lights (out of 19,000) to reduce costs and protect the environment
  • Continuing to manage over 100 capital projects spreading economic benefits across the region, including flood protection works, schools, roads, bridges and 3G pitches.
  • Continue to review the options for the future delivery of the roads service for the region.

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We need your views

We want your views on how we can continue to improve services in this area during a time we have less money available. Give us your ideas below.

All of your feedback will inform the financial planning process and the Corporate Transformation programme.   

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