Waste & Recycling Collection Days

1. Keep the current fortnightly collection but adjust it so that all collections are on the same day of the week. 2. Either send the recycling & general waste collection vehicles out on the same actual day (I.e. they follow each other around) or introduce multicompartment collection vehicles (may increase recycling rates)

Why the contribution is important

1. Currently we have alternate collections - one on a Monday, one on a Tuesday - surely not beyond comprehension to timetable both for the same day of the week (all properties have both paper/plastic and general waste collections. 2. Running the collections on the same day once per fortnight makes it easier for residents to know when to put the bins out & the streetscape is only blighted one day in 14 rather than two. If multicompartment collection vehicles were used then more recyclable types could be easily and cost efficiently collected, raising the recycling rate and lowering landfill tax liability

by Hunnymonster on November 24, 2016 at 02:46PM

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