Our new Corporate Plan for 2018-2023 called ‘Our Plan and Your Part in it’ sets a new direction for the next five years.  The new plan not only outlines what we are going to do, but it asks our residents, communities, businesses and partners to play their part too.

Why have we launched the #yourpart campaign?

One of the main challenges we have is that our income from Council Tax and from the Scottish Government is not rising sufficiently to meet increasing demands for our services and Council tax only accounts for around ¼ of our income. Therefore, we are promising to think and act differently to reduce our costs and maintain delivery of the essential high quality services but we need you to:

• Help us plan – what we do with our resources
• Be involved - with delivering some services and
• Think differently - about what you expect from us and what YOU might be able to do.

Everyone can do a few simple things to play their part. Please take some time to look through our suggestions.

You can also go along to one of the new local Area Partnership meetings which are new ways that you can talk to us and play your part in your area.

Can't find how you can play your part? Got suggestions about how we can make it easier for you to get involved? Tell us by adding your ideas below.

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