Amalgamate Schools

Reduce costs of schools and create better common year classes by amalgamating schools. 

Small primary schools, where there are mixed years, should be joined together. Reducing the need for so many teachers which increases the availability of those teachers to work in other areas that struggle to get teachers. Pay them accordingly. Higher to work in less attractive areas. 


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Classes of different years have detrimental effects on children. 

Tiny village schools that join classes up, sometimes 3 years in on class may also have only 1 student in their particular year and this child suffers enormously, especially with their ability to mix when moving on to high school. There’s no doubt this effects their learning journey as well. 

In some rural areas there may be 2-4 small village schools all suffering the same thing, possibly just down to the parents convenience. These schools should be closed and a central or more appropriate school should be designated. 


by matt on January 31, 2019 at 08:01AM

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  • Posted by Steffpotter January 31, 2019 at 14:22

    What evidence do you have that children in small village schools ‘suffer enormously’ ?
  • Posted by juliepirone January 31, 2019 at 14:41

    All my children have attended small village schools with mixed classes and there has been no detrimental effect on their education. It actually allows the children to develop with older and younger children, encouraging them to widen their peer structure and the level of education is quite frankly outstanding in these schools. Some small schools are already amalgamated and working together. it is not as simple as closing or amalgamating schools. councils need to look at the big picture on this issue not just on cost. If a small school closed the community effectively dies and families move. The long term effect is that councils then have to spend even more money on protecting those villages which would be left with an aging population.
  • Posted by LornaL January 31, 2019 at 15:11

    We specifically chose a small rural school for our daughter because of what it can offer in terms of community spirit and ratios. Children benefit enormously in mixed age classes. It is far more representative of real life! Education of our young people is vital to the future of our country and the last area where budgets should be cut.
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