Bin collections

Bins have already been cut previously was weekly. Now 2 weekly. You already have a increase in fly tipping what will it be like if you reduce this service further.

1. Increased health risks with rotting rubbish sitting to long. Already this is a problem with buckets over filling 

2. Increase in vermin most buckets are in people’s gardens.

3 we already go to dump our garden rubbish do you have any idea how hard that is for some people everyone not got transport.

Why the contribution is important

Reducing the service ? What will happen to the vehicles and workers ?

why do you not provide skips? For people in all areas for recycling? And for garden rubbish.. 

are you giving us a rebate seen we will have a reduced service if rubbish collection cut? 

Think the proposed will increase health risks fly tipping and make things very difficult for householders. I would think that other options be looked at eg! Office staff on high wages that would reduce costs or other staff that are sitting on very high salaries. Maybe they would take a wage cut to save there jobs . 

by Gemini29 on November 14, 2018 at 01:30PM

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