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I feel this is a hard one as we have been infromed 3weekly collections may be happening but for recycling this wont work as people already have it mounting up while its on 2weekly, this also wont work for black bin when you think of summer months and the smell-not everyone can afford to have their bin washed or the equipment to do it themselves. Yes most peoples black bins arnt full every 2 weeks so from that perspective it would work, however the smell would be an issue as alot of people have no choice but to have their bins outside their house and the smell may bring vermin. Leave it as it is seems best option or ...

I feel we should get new bins.

For example many other places within the UK have seperate bins for

Cardboard and paper - collected every 2/3weeks

Tins and cans - collected every 2/3weeks

Plastics- collected every 2/3weeks

Nappies -collected every week

Food waste -collected every week

This way everything is recycled better and all the recyclables can still be collected together. I feel that if this was introduced then it should be started at 2weekly to start with to see how it goes. As although it works as 3weekly for other places not everywhere is going to be able to do the same way-everywhere is going to be different and this trying to have the same everywhere needs to stop as it dosnt work the same for everywhere.

Why the contribution is important

So we can avoid vermin

So we dont have rubbish clogging up our homes

So we can lead a rubbish free life, where we dont see rubbish layering the streets as this will likely happen just like it did in fife when they changed it their. Noone wonts our beautiful border towns layered with rubbish but people also dont want their homes filled with it either something needs to be done to prevent both

by Arh1990 on November 05, 2018 at 12:24PM

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  • Posted by djmac2013 November 05, 2018 at 13:01

    Would like to add to this that not all areas currently get food recycling. I live in Berwickshire and do not have this service. If 3 weekly bin collections were to start I feel that all regions must have food recycling in place in order to help reduce the waste going into black bins.
  • Posted by kwhislop November 19, 2018 at 21:24

    I agree with djmac2013 - areas which do not receive a food waste collection will be unfairly disadvantaged if you move to 3 weekly collections compared to those which do receive a food waste collection.

    3 weekly collections can only be rolled out if you introduce food waste collections for everyone (as you should have done anyway - to ensure all Council Tax payers receive an equal and fair service).

    You also need to look at what can be recycled - particularly black plastic, many households would happily recycle more but are limited by what you collect.
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