Bushes and trees instead of flowers

From looking at other towns there is a big lack of greenery in the town centre which is not healthy and is also unsightly. If there were beautiful bushes and trees there could be box hedging instead of flowers which are regularly torn out and replaced and to be honest, they are not very attractive. The town hall looks fine for a few months but some lovely bushes would last for years and look much nicer, as well as create better air quality where it is needed most. We feel that the town is like a busy car park rather than a good place to go. I speak to many people who are concerned about the look of the town centre. Tourists will want to visit more if priorities could be to make it a nicer place to be. Lots of the buildings are very shabby and dirty yet there could be rules put to the owners to get on top of it, as with other towns. It would not even cost much to do it and would save money as well as bring in more visitors which would increase business.  

Why the contribution is important

Bushes and trees create better air quality and have proved in studies to create calmer, happier and healthier people. The look of the town has deteriorated rapidly in the last 50 years and it is unsafe in parts as chunks of buildings have fallen. The whole street looks neglected which puts people off visiting. Also Hawick is now losing so much greenery because of the flood defenses and is looking very grim where it once had beauty. The street needs lining with trees both sides and parking should be similar to Melrose, on one side in clusters of cars in slanted bays. 

by Genevieve on October 28, 2018 at 05:32PM

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