Fund community-based waste reduction schemes

Small grants fund for community-based waste reduction schemes, particularly in a rural setting. This could fund ideas such as: food waste collection schemes in villages where the waste could be locally composted; building community buildings (e.g. on schools) out of Ecobricks made of plastic waste; re-making workshops/shops.

Why the contribution is important

We should all be trying to reduce the amount of "stuff" we consume and increase the amount we reuse or recycle. The Council will also have targets for reducing waste going to landfill and increasing recycling rates. This idead could test out different options that could work in the Borders. Some might fail but some might succeed massively. For example, West Linton had a successful food waste collection scheme run by Whitmuir Farm for two years (as the village falls below the population threshold for council food waste collection) before it folded due to lack of maintenance funding. The scheme had twice-weekly collections at the school, and the food waste was converted into compost. It certainly had a significant impact on the amount of waste we were putting into our general waste bins. I don't know the final breakdown of figures (money to support the scheme vs. waste reduction) but maybe the lessons could be learned and it would work with some tweaking.

by APeppe on January 29, 2019 at 10:48PM

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