Management Delayering at G12

My idea is to remove G12 posts from the organisation to generate a significant financial saving rather than continuing to remove business support posts and reduce services.

Why the contribution is important

Removal of business support posts, in many cases, impacts on front line service delivery and the customer experience and requires a substantial reductio in staff numbers to obtain a saving level that could be reached with less overall impact on staff numbers if G12 posts were removed instead.  Removal of G12 staff would not impact on either front line service delivery or the customer experience as there are still G10 and G11 staff who can pick up the duties of the G12's.  SBC also have plenty of Chief Officers so the impact to the organisatoin of loosing G12's would be negligable but still produce a significant saving for the Council.

As acustomer of SBC, I'd much rather have our Elderly looked after, our Children well educated and our environment kept safe and well maintained that spend money on excess Management of the organisation.

Logicall, a decreasing organisation should surely require less Managers to run, unless these Managers are becoming less compatent.

by Lilly123 on October 29, 2018 at 09:50AM

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