Play parks

Ensuring all towns get good play parks like Gala and Hawick.

Including one inside Jedburgh and not claiming the one at harestanes is for Jedburgh as 1. Its closer to the village Ancrum and 2. People without a car will be unable to use that one. Yes some may be able to walk to it but not a huge amount of people and thats amazing that people could walk to it but what about those who cant, they are then left put without anything due to no fault of their own!

There needs to be a playpark similar in each town of the borders so that all children can have the same chance to thrive!

Why the contribution is important

So that every child has the same chance to thrive. 

The world is not as save as it was when i was young and could walk for miles to play with your friends on your own. Parents are busy people and cant always afford to go to extravagant places either. One of these parks in each town(not outside any town) would give these kids a chance to go somewhere thats fun and exciting.

by Arh1990 on November 05, 2018 at 11:59AM

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