ring fencing school budgets

I agree with the earlier comment by Barton.

The Borders already has recruitment issues regarding teachers. The borders also has ambitions for global achievement for its young people. Our teaching staff are oftne covering absences/empty posts as well as fulfilling their own roles. Austerity has now gone past far enough. Our young people are the future workforce, the furture parents, and the future taxpayers-give them the best chance of succeeding. The teachers are the most important influence upon their learning in school, and teacher numbers need to be maintained (at the very least) particularly when additional classroom support has reduced so much.

Why the contribution is important

Teachers are the biggest influence upon our childrens schooltime education-and there is a television recruitment advert which is focussing upon this, we need to live up to the government rhetoric and invest in our children

by vivleckie on January 25, 2019 at 02:30PM

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