We are committed to building the capacity and resilience of our communities and voluntary sector.  Although we play a lead role, we help communities to protect themselves during emergencies/adverse weather situations.

Our plans include:

  • The roll-out of our co-production approach which involves communities at the outset in the development, design and delivery of services.  This supports the Community Empowerment Act to work with communities effectively
  • Encouraging residents to sign-up to SB Alert our emergency messaging service to ensure they can be alerted of any emergency information such as severe weather alerts.
  • Building on our strong relationships with the voluntary and community sector and helping them to maximise funding.
  • Further roll-out of the Localities approach to ensure services are delivered locally to the benefit of communities across our five localities
  • Continuing with the roll-out of Resilient Community Plans
  • Our Reducing Inequalities Strategy which focusses on employment and income, health and wellbeing, attainment, achievement and inclusion, housing and neighbourhoods, and keeping people safe in each locality.

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All of your feedback will inform the financial planning process and the Corporate Transformation programme.   

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