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The idea of supporting communities is indeed a very good one.

However, I feel that funding this should not be at the expense of landlords and/or people trying to sell houses by charging them council tax for empty properties.

A better way to fund the programme would be to sell off surplus council buildings , land and forget about grandiose projects that do nothing to enhance the idea of supporting communities.

Having people pay council tax on empty properties is anything but fair. A service should be paid for but when no services are being used or accessed then some regard for this should be taken into account.  No one leaves property empty on purpose. There is always a reason for the property being empty. A 200% increase in council tax at the end of a year is totally unacceptable and indeed, dishonest on the part if the council.

I do hope my idea will be given the consideration it deserves. Please do not penalise people who are only trying to move on and/or provide housing for others at affordable rents 

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In summary my idea is to use Council funds, capital and surplus buildings  to fund the worthwhile cause of supporting communities

by aborderer on September 28, 2016 at 09:01PM

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  • Posted by adsmith December 05, 2016 at 11:21

    I totally agree with this. I too have been charged an exorbitant 200% for a vacant property. This property has not used local services in the last 18 months other than a minimal amount of water. There have been no children requiring education, no ill people requiring health care, no bins needing to be emptied and no people requiring social care. Instead it is being refurbished at some considerable cost using exclusively local tradesmen to upgrade it a to a decent holiday let which has not only helped generate income and employment for local businesses but going forward will employ people to look after the place and bring much needed spending into the community supporting local jobs and services. Seems to me that the council is utterly anti entrepreneurship.
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