Stop committing three and a half million to a complete folly ,the tapestry,failing services ,cuts to services ,and yet you talk about challenging times then why take us borders down the road off further debt.that amount off money would be better used for the likes off building a big care home in a central location in the borders and staffed am sure for the next thirty years that would be better used than any tapestry building ,

there should be a poll off all borders people to see if  there is a desire for such a great waste off money instead off being pushed by snp ruling body 

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Not to saddle the borders people with a debt they don't want 

by Edwardbeattie on November 02, 2016 at 09:39AM

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  • Posted by Redgauntlet November 23, 2016 at 12:57

    Why do the SBC councillors continue to ignore the opinions of Borderers?
    There latest idea to site it in the old Post Office in Galashiels is even worse than that of siting it at Tweedbank principally because it will be even more expensive for the taxpayers.
    When Councillor Parker was asked "Why do we need to spend millions on a Tapestry?" his response was "We're not spending millions on the Tapestry. We are investing in a visitor centre and associated facilities where the tapestry will be displayed. Any building will be designed flexibly for other community uses."
    All opinion and responsible research states that this project will not be financially viable and will leave Borders' taxpayers with debt for many years.
    There are many buildings for community use throughout the Borders, we do not need any more.
    If Alistair Moffat and his trust want a permanent display for the tapestry, then let them raise the money for it, Mr Moffat could start the fund with the profits from his book "The Great Tapestry of Scotland".
    We are continually being told by SBC that there are huge budget restraints so use this money to alleviate some of the problems that Borderers have every day.
    Bite the bullet councillors, cancel this folly now - remember the local elections are in May next year, you will then find out what the electorate thinks of it.
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