Town centre revival

Simple ways to bring vital customers and new businesses to all our town centres.

Shopkeepers are fighting to survive. Its the same everywhere. All the problems are well known- online competition, increased costs, dwindling footfall etc.

Using Galashiels as an example, I know that there are many capable people involved in the Energise campaign, and a salaried town manager was appointed. My most recent visit to the shops in Bank Street, High Street and all the way to Wilderhaugh reveal a mix of shops desperate for customers.

Could we create an enthusiasm to use the rich history, loyal townspeople and upbeat shopkeepers to bring new life to the town centre.

Its not only a matter of saving the council money. They need to generate income.

All credit to the ideas already rolled out, and the shopkeepers with ideas.

Now the tills of Galashiels need cash in them, and quickly. I shop local as many others do. I like to be served by someone knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

So, in short, why cant we ask all the successful small businesses owners out there to trial a temporary expansion into the empty shops in Galashiels and see what happens? 

Why the contribution is important

Premises occupied means rent getting paid, jobs, training and high staff morale.  Proper customer service, return trade and people on the street.

All the shops will benefit.



by moragaqua on January 12, 2017 at 09:32PM

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